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Our staff are animal lovers who have dedicated their life’s work to comfort families dealing with the loss of their animal companion, friend, and family member.  From the outset, owner, Scott Schmidt, personally arranges the appropriate service and setting for your beloved pet.  At every juncture from retrieving your pet from its location, to the preparation and planning for a final goodbye, we walk you through the process.  This is our passion and we are available for you day or night for when the time comes in your hour of need.  Schedule a pre-planning consultation or reach out when you need us most – either way, we will be here for you.

Lovely & Comforting
Ron and I have been thinking about our cat, Pinkie, quite a bit lately and naturally, we remember her “wake” at your lovely facility. We are so thankful that Dr. Steven Schultz, the vet who euthanized her, recommended you to us. It was so very important to us to know for certain that the ashes that would be returned to us would be those of Pinkie’s!! And you and your facility provided exactly that. Our eldest daughter drove us to your place that early evening. I must say that it was a very easy trip, probably no more than 20 minutes from our home in Williamsville. However, we certainly were not prepared what we were about to experience. After speaking with you in your office for a while, you then led us into the Rainbow Room. And there, elevated on a carpeted bench, lay our Pinkie. She had been placed on a red blanket, and a white rose lay across her beautiful white silky fur body. We were in awe of the obvious care that had been taken to arrange her so beautifully. We were stunned by how peaceful everything seemed in that room. It was so wonderful to be able to sit next to her and pet her for the last time and to say our goodbyes. We loved her so. We took pictures of her in the room. I regret not having all of my children and a few friends there, too. I just didn’t realize how lovely and comforting it would be at Pets in Peaceful Rest. We even were able to watch Pinkie be placed in the cremation machine. It was important to us that she be cremated all by herself. Thank you, Scott, for opening Pets in Peaceful Rest. We think of our pets as family and to be able to have a viewing and memorial for them is so helpful and so healing. God bless you.

Kathy Zanghi

Hayley C. Schmidt

Certified Pet Funeral Director/Pet Family Care Specialist

Bruce R. Schmidt, JD

Certified Pet Funeral Director/Pet Family Care Specialist

Janine Klimeczko

Pet Family Care Specialist/Licensed NYS Funeral Director

Rev. Linda Haight

Pet Family Care Specialist/Facility Chaplain

Ralph Klicker, PhD

Pet Family Care Specialist/Licensed NYS Funeral Director/Certified Funeral Celebrant

Todd A. Sukdolak

Pet Family Care Specialist

Samantha Townsend

Pet Family Care Specialist/Licensed NYS Funeral Director

Taylor Sukdolak

Certified Pet Funeral Director and Pet Family Care Specialist


President/Owner/Certified Pet Funeral Director/NYS
Licensed Funeral Director/Pet Family Care Special

Rev. Trellis Pore

Facility Chaplain,
Pet Family Care Specialist

Sally K. Schmidt

Pet Family Care Specialist,
Supportive Care Counselor

Madison Razzani

Pet Family Care Specialist,
Supportive Care Counselor

June Platt

Pet Family Care Specialist,
Facility Manager,
Supportive Care Counselor


Office Staff Therapist-in-Training